How To Care for EZ Erase

The EZ Erase™ glossy finish provides an exceptional surface for writing and drawing with a wide range of popular dry erase markers.

Liquid Mark low odor 2400
Marks-A-Lot (Avery)
Bic Low Odor
Expo 2
Expo Low Odor
Crayola dry erase crayon
EXPO Vis-à-vis Wet Erase
Note: Pens with MIBK (Methyl isobutylKetone) will permanently bond to surface of EZ Erase™
EXPO Washable
Staples Brand

EZ Erase™ dry erase vinyl erases easily and cleanly with no ghosting using a soft, dry tissue or dry erase cleaning fluid, after writing with approved dry erase markers.

With extended use, every dry erase film and whiteboard eventually ghosts. Erasing dry erase markers can become hard to remove. Prolonged exposure to UV light can make removal of dry erase inks even more troublesome.

If you have difficulty erasing markers, try cleaning the surface with isopropyl alcohol (IPA). If a mild solvent doesn’t work, try a stronger one.

However, solvents will chemically etch the surface of EZ Erase™ or any other dry erase film, making future removal of inks even more difficult.