"Rebel Graphix has been an outstanding supporter of the Better Business Bureau for two decades. We have done a great deal of business with the company, find the products offered of very high quality, service superior and the entire staff most effective. Lewis and Lisa Roeling and their sales representative, Mark Vincent, are a complete pleasure to work with." - James E. Stalls, Better Business Bureau
“Rebel Graphix has been a valuable partner for Campus Federal for over 10 years. No matter how big, small or elaborate the project may be, Rebel always comes through with a great price and turnaround time on our requests!” - Sarah Ganong, Campus Federal
"Rebel Graphix delivered everything they promised, a first class product in a timely manner. They were more than accommodating when it came to a very tough schedule. And the truck looks great!" - Coastal Conservation Association, CCA of Louisiana
“Rebel Graphix has always welcomed my printing projects and questions with friendly customer service and fast turn-around time on pricing. Not to mention, their extensive knowledge in advanced printing technique provides my clients with the best solutions for their project goals.” - Savannah Urban, Wright Feigley Communications
"Last but not least, let me start off by saying we love everything yall have done for us and the quality, customer service, turnaround time, and simply going above and beyond has been second to none. We truly appreciate everything, and yall have gotten us outta a jam several times already." - John Mabus, Tin Roof Brewing